Make your AI assertive

Don't let the AI be run over

In this ted talk about how a driverless car sees the world there is an argument stated that driver assistance systems will not be able to evolve to self driving systems as humans will put too much trust on the incomplete system – leading to accidents. For example if the car has lane assistance someone driving on the highway may just decide to start fumbling with stuff on the backseat of the car – taking his eyes of the road for extended periods of time.

Animated jpegs

Adding a bit of animation to a still picture can add a lot of depth to the picture and provide the spark to the story you want to tell by the picture. Traditional gif animations have a limited color palette. By using the html5 canvas and a bit of javascript it becomes possible to add a bit of animation to jpeg images without the need to resort to mp4 or webm animations (gifv formats).You can find an example and detailed description on our 'creative' playground,



ShopAunt is a Vendor Relation Management tool, for online shoppers, for you.

No lost orders status, no need to dig in your history to remember at what webshop you bought those custom made sneakers a year ago, they show up immediately in your purchases overview.

Let's prefer timed interrupts

Can you imagine being in a conversation and suddenly someone steps in between and totally blocks the other person while asking you for something trivial. You can't ignore him because he demands an answer and only goes away to let you continue your conversation after you answered his question.